FWCC World Gathering: Thoughts on my Thread Group options

The thread groups for the FWCC Conference in Kenya have been posted and I am completely conflicted. Good thing I don't have to sign up for them ahead of time. The thread groups will happen over the course of three days and I have the option to take two.

Do I want to do lectio divina lead by Friends from Iowa Conservative and Pacific YM? I've been leading lectio divina somewhat awkwardly in the Meeting for Theism with Attention to Jesus group, and it might be imminitely practical for me to explore how other people do it. It's interesting and might be useful, but at the moment, it doesn't seem all that exciting.

What does have me excited is the thread group on Eschatology and Utopias. Let's do some theology! About Revelation! And Millenialism! From a personal, intellectual and spiritual level, I think this might be the most benefical for me. Nobody ever wants to delve deep into this stuff with me and so much of early Friends theology is based on this sort of New Creation/Second Coming stuff. The old rules don't apply because the Kingdom is now. Clearly, this is my first choice.

But if my first choice is the thing that feeds me, it seems that my second choice should be about what I can bring home to the people who are sending me. And those people are NCYM-C, right? Do they want me to lend my voice as a Young Conservative to difficult conversations about Human Sexuality or how Conservatives fit into the Convergent Friends Movement? Or should I attend a thread group about something that I know nothing about and have no idea how it might translate into my life and work? There's a thread group on translating Quaker and other Christian texts into Indigenous languages in Bolivia. There's another one on Climate Change, Food Security and Deadly Conflict being co-lead by people from SAYMA and East Africa YM.

In part, I think that some of my inner conflict about this is coming from the fact that I don't know why I'm going to Kenya in the first place. I mean, I'm excited to go. And Way has opened for me to go. And other people, who I trust completely, have had the leadings to make this happen for me. But do I know why God wants me in Kenya? Not yet. But there's still time. I don't leave for four weeks.

In the meantime: prayer, vaccinations, and buying a raincoat.



Robin M. said...

I'm so glad you are excited about the list. I too am a little overwhelmed by the possibilities. I'm also worried that my job will make it less possible for me to actually attend any of them. But I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you again and meeting so many new Friends.

Ashley W said...

Even if you don't end up attending my thread group, I'm excited that it got a mention in your post! You are, of course, welcome and I am looking forward to meeting you at the conference.

Anonymous said...

Fun fun fun!~!! I vote for fun things. Don't they have a quaker humor session??? Quaker Elders as Dr Who characters???? Making connections using twigs and twine???
do the theology. The most important jobs you will have are listening and sharing love. Everything else is secondary. Love God, love one another


Anonymous said...

Take this time to nourish your soul. Anything you bring back to your meetings will be appreciated. Be nourished and grow.

mom as elder

Anonymous said...

It's encouraging to read about other's preparations and thoughts!
Looking forward to meeting you all!
A young Friend from Continental Europe

Bill Samuel said...

When leading us, God often does not reveal why God is leading us into something. It may become evident in the following of the leading, but even that is not certain. Life with God is an adventure!

I pray you may find this trip a real blessing, and that you will find God leading you every step of the way.

RantWoman said...


I think your mom has the right idea, but I cannot resist opining as well:


I mean it about sometimes practicality turns out to be a fine guide.

Blessings on your trip.