World of Peacecraft

I head about this new video game from a couple of different people today. It's supposed to be like World of Warcraft, except as a history of Quakerism. I'm probably one of the few people who would consider playing it. However, in reading the blog entries about it, I began to suspect it was a hoax. I mean, I've been hanging out in Quaker circles for some time and I've never heard of the "Quaker United Service". I'm amused by the descriptions of the game however, which is why I've linked to it here.

It does provoke the question of what sort of video games are Quaker-friendly. I really like one in which you shoot space bunnies with plungers. Not exactly peaceful, but not exactly realistic violence either.



Heather said...

Oh dear. I suggested it almost as a joke:


Anonymous said...

Unrelated, and predating this hoax: World of PeaceCraft

Welcome to the World of Peacecraft official Fan Site. This is the site for all those out there that want to get involved with the critically acclaimed World of Warcraft online MMORPG, but don't really find particular interest in running around killing things. So, come on in and check out this amazing NON-action packed game all the while keeping the peace with all those friendly creatures of Azeroth.

Here at World of PeaceCraft we are proud to say that we do not support unecessary violence. Sure shoot up your friends and even the occasional opposing faction, but only when necessary. You see, we want peaceful craft-like activities to be our primary concern which is why we support all of those animal-friendly tradeskills. Tailoring, enchanting even blacksmithing and jewel-crafting, but let's stay away from the skinning and leatherworking shall we? We also try to keep the peace with those all too friendly Murlocs and other be-stranged creatures that we fully believe would not be so hostile if we hadn't been violent towards them. Here at WoP we like crafts (peaceful as I said before) so we want to do what we can to help. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and data on the best approach to how-tos and stear-clears. We also have regular screen-shot contests to see who can get the most interesting shot of themselves crafting their favorite animal-friendly items. Come on, browse around and take a look at all the fun stuff we have to help you make a friendly ecosystem near you!

Rikomatic said...

As should be clear now, the whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by me: http://www.rikomatic.com/blog/2008/10/and-scene.html

I hope it is taken in the humorous spirit that was intended, rather than something malicious or disrespectful.

Cat Chapin-Bishop said...

On the other hand, as one of the other people who would probably play such a game, allow me to pass along a link to a site that's interviewed the creator of an epic level World of Warcraft pacifist character. Check out the story of Noor the Pacifist.

As a sci fi, fantasy and (yes) rpg geek, I will say that I find the notion of attempting such a character quite interesting. I don't play WoW, but I do participate in a regular RPG group (pencil and paper gaming, old style) with several friends in my area. The game has been going on for about twenty years at this point, and not only is the gathering an important source of community and fellowship, but it is run by (non-Quaker) pacifists, and has been attended by at least seven members of our local Quaker meeting. It is not a pacifist game... but we do all have highly developed senses of humor and irony...

Thomas Ellwood said...

My l33t Hicksite clan will pwn you Wilburite n00bs in teh Light!! LMAO!


Anonymous said...

Gee and I was going to get you a copy for Christmas.