God's baby.

My mother retells a story sometimes (often when she's proud of one of her own kids) about an elder in our Yearly Meeting, whose mother-in-law would remind her "now, Liz, this is not your baby, this is God's baby" upon seeing a child for the first time.

One of God's babies had a very difficult time getting out of the womb over the weekend. His shoulders were too broad and he got his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Little Elijah stopped breathing, and once they got him out (by breaking his collarbone) it took fourteen minutes to resuscitate him. Needless to say, his condition is rather grave. He is in good hands: his mama who is full up with love, a cutting edge medical team at Duke, and God's.

Via text message this morning, his mother informs me that he is doing "pretty good today" which is encouraging. Your prayers are still appreciated.

Elizabeth Bathurst


Robin M. said...

I was so lucky in my turn in the intensive care nursery: my baby is 9 now, and just fine. But the heartbreaking stories were all around us. They still are, every day. I'm sending my prayers for all of you.

Nancy A said...

My cousin was born this way, so many years ago now. The decision to resucitate is so difficult. One hopes for the best not really knowing what "best" is.

I know several mothers now whose babies did not live long. It was a difficult and heartbreaking journey for them, but they all gave it the "best" they had, and in the end, their lives were richer for it. It's life either way and still worth living through.

Elizabeth Bathurst said...

Young Elijah is headed home from the hospital today. There is evidence of brain damage on the MRIs, but he's coming home. I'm so grateful.