Personal Query #3

Do I make a place in my daily life for inward retirement and communion with the Divine Spirit? To what extent has this brought satisfaction spiritually? Are there ways in which I might attain greater satisfaction or inspiration? Does my daily schedule need review and revision at this time?

While I'd like to believe that I am always open to the movements of the spirit in my daily life, I don't make space in my daily routine for prayer or bible study. It happens as it happens, which is not all that infrequently. I'd like to have it happen more often, even daily, but I don't think that's something that I can fit into my daily schedule right now. My everyday life is overwhelming to me as it is. If I were to set aside time for prayer would that ground me and make it easier for me to fit in everything else? Would it cheapen my extemporaneous prayers by making it just another thing I need to get done today before I can go to bed? I'm so unsteady, so unbalanced that right now I can't get very far with the answers to those questions, much less make any changes to my schedule. I've just got to keep the ball rolling. Maybe this is my crazy talking, but it's also my crazy-management-skills talking. When things calm down again, perhaps I can make some changes, but you don't reorganize the tupperware drawer while the smoke alarm is going off. I'm pretty sure it's just some burnt toast and not a grease fire this time, but I think this metaphor has gone far enough. Lord, hold me close and get me through this day. I can't do it without you.

Elizabeth Bathurst


Dave Carl said...


I find it helpful when things are hectic to take non-scheduled moments to meditate or pray. A few evenings ago I was the scheduled speaker at a "town hall" meeting. They were waiting for some council members to show up so they'd have a quorum, and this took over a half hour. While waiting, everyone just fell silent at one point, for about 5 minutes. An opportunity!

As for scheduling, I'm not so good at that either. Lately I've been reading the Bible and other spiritual books on a regular basis because I love to do it. But I'm not big on "shoulds," post-modern lea-burl that I am. At any rate, I suspect many "shoulds" - even religious or spiritual sounding ones - are actually ego-driven rather than divinely inspired. When faced with those types of thoughts, I might ask God, "so, is this right? Please lead me according to your will." This helps get me out of the internal arguments over what I should or should not be doing, and more than that, into a more powerful and joyful existence.



Anonymous said...

I found this query response very touching and humble.
But this made me grin:
"you don't reorganize the tupperware drawer while the smoke alarm is going off."
Well said!